Home Cannabis New York Finally Approves Cannabis Home Grow Rules

New York Finally Approves Cannabis Home Grow Rules

New York Finally Approves Cannabis Home Grow Rules
New York Finally Approves Cannabis Home Grow Rules

Good news for New Yorkers who enjoy cannabis! In a recent update, New York cannabis regulators passed new rules to establish the right for adults to grow their cannabis at home. The Times Union shared that the rules will be implemented in the next couple of months.

According to the update, regulators also approved 109 new cannabis licences on Friday, including 38 for retailers, as reported by the Democrat and Chronicle.

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Along with home growing, regulators also approved 109 new cannabis business licences, including 38 for retailers. According to the update, this step aims to boost the legal market, which has been struggling against rampant unlicensed sales.

Growing Your Stash 

Adults 21 and over can grow up to 6 mature and 6 immature plants – regardless of household size.

Increased Possession Limit: You can now hold up to 5 pounds of homegrown cannabis flower. Previously, the limit was set at 3 ounces.

Retailers Can Sell Plants: If you have a licence, you can join the wave of dispensaries and sell plants directly to customers.

Also, note that regulators initially delayed home growth to help retailers, but the black market flourished instead. The governor called the rollout a “disaster” and ended up blaming the slow pace for benefiting illicit sales.

Homegrown Impact? Finally, regulators believe home growing won’t significantly impact retailers, but it remains to be seen how the market reacts.

Overall, it’s positive news as it will contribute to the development of New York’s Cannabis Industry, offering individuals more choices and potentially boosting the legal market.

Stay tuned for updates.

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